About the Artist

Studio Painting in Oil

Gregory Effinger was born and raised in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. His talents were recognized early on, winning many awards, and college scholarships that brought him into Communication Arts and Illustration. Greg currently operates Creative Bearings, an advertising and web design agency in Steamboat Springs. His watercolor-based illustrations and custom designed logos are in demand nationwide.


Gregory Effinger’s choice of subjects comes from familiar Colorado landscapes and the contemporary activities that make Colorado special. These subjects range from cross-country skiing, ballooning, ranching and horseback riding to the minute details in dew on leaves and rustic western implements. His travels have given him the opportunity to paint churches, people and architecture of Old Mexico, Texas' Hill Country and Native American lifestyles in New Mexico.


Effinger is a disciplined full-time artist, whose watercolor precision and choice of subject matter compliment his professionalism. Gregory paints and sells his original works around the nation. His artwork is displayed in upscale galleries in Colorado, Texas and New Mexico. He also displays all recent works on his artist website: www.gregeffinger.com where collectors and galleries can keep up-to-date on his progress. As reviewed in Southwest Art Magazine 21 Under 31, 2005, he is certainly an "artist to keep an eye out for".





All concepts, designs, descriptions, art and illustrations and photography are under copyright (©1998-2015) by
Gregory Effinger


Stain Glass Photos © Georgian Kalow.

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